The MUSEum

Inspired by history and driven by possibility.

At Muse Veterinary Group, we know where we came from shapes where we’re going. That’s why you’ll find our MUSEums paying tribute to the veterinarians of color who came before us at each of our practices. As we acquire respected clinics, we proudly display relics from their histories – photos, awards, and equipment from decades past. It’s our way of honoring the hard work and dedication that built up neighborhoods one animal at a time.

Browse our MUSEums, and you may recognize a friendly face from your childhood or the name of a beloved vet who cared for pets past. Feel the ripples of their dedication that continue to be felt to this day. Most importantly, the MUSEums allow us to celebrate the stories of the veterinarians who paved the way. We are standing on their shoulders as we carry their legacies forward. Our diverse team is honored to write the next chapter, guided by the muses of the past. The MUSEum allows our community to appreciate the rich history that brought us to where we are today. And to reflect on where the future will take us together.

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