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Inspired by history, driven by possibility.

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At Muse Veterinary Group, we believe the roots of a community hold the key to its future.

When purchasing existing veterinary hospitals, we honor the legacies of the practices that came before us. Our MUSEums pay tribute to the pioneering veterinarians who built up neighborhoods one patient at a time. We carry their stories forward, celebrating the accomplishments of those who paved the way. Their journeys inspire our own as we write the next chapter together.

Our goal is to grow, generation by generation, while staying grounded in the heritage of care and compassion cultivated in these hospitals.

We nourish the bonds between pets, families, and the neighborhoods they call home.

The community is our muse - guiding our mission to make quality care accessible and welcoming to all. We're creating opportunities for the next generation of veterinarians to learn from the best and bring their skills back to the people. It's a full-circle philosophy. By integrating with respected local practices, we aim to empower more diverse veterinary professionals and, in turn, the pets and families relying on their expertise. This is just the beginning for Muse Veterinary Group. Join us as we turn inspiration into action.

Full circle veterinary care - legacy, community, opportunity.

At Muse Veterinary Group, our services aim to make quality pet care more accessible in historically underserved communities. Led by Dr. Ashley Randall, Muse Veterinary Group is acquiring respected practices owned by veterinarians of color. She preserves their legacies while empowering new vets to learn from the best. With experienced veterinarians and diverse staff, we bridge cultural gaps that have made veterinary medicine inaccessible. Our team listens, and tailors care to your pet's unique needs.While providing the full range of medical, surgical, and wellness services, we always maintain sight of our greater purpose - strengthening the bonds between pets and families. Our locations become hubs that positively impact neighborhoods. We mentor future vets from diverse backgrounds and advocate for greater representation. When you choose Muse, you are opting for a partner invested in nurturing your pet's health and expanding animal care access. Join our compassionate community.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Honoring the past, empowering the future of veterinary care.

Meet trailblazer Dr. Ashley Randall, Muse Veterinary Group's founder and CEO. Her passion? Expanding access and opportunity in veterinary medicine.After earning her DVM from Tuskegee University in 2009, her talent was undeniable. Yet Dr. Randall envisioned a greater purpose. She dreamed of creating opportunities for the next generation of vets, especially vets of color, to carry on the legacy of care in their neighborhoods.She took a bold step, establishing the thriving West End Animal Wellness Center in Atlanta. Now, she's taking her vision further by acquiring respected black-owned practices with Muse Veterinary Group, preserving their legacies while opening doors for emerging vets.

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