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Dr. Ashley Randall

Dr. Ashley Randall

Dr. Ashley Randall brings her passion for animal care and advocacy for underserved communities together as the founder and CEO of Muse Veterinary Group. After earning her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Tuskegee University in 2009, Dr. Randall quickly became a rising talent treating pets at The Village Vets of Decatur. Her skills in surgery, dentistry, and emergency medicine speak for themselves. 

Yet her vision stretched beyond building an individual practice. Dr. Randall dreamed of creating opportunities for the next generation of vets, especially vets of color, to carry on the legacy of care in their neighborhoods. In 2015, she took a bold step - purchasing and renovating a defunct clinic to establish the West End Animal Wellness Center. Serving over 6,000 clients, the Wellness Center became a pillar in a vibrant local community.

Now Dr. Randall is taking her advocacy work further with Muse Veterinary Group. By acquiring respected black-owned clinics, she preserves their legacies while empowering new vets to learn from the best.

Her own journey lights the way, from Tuskegee graduate to practice owner to an entrepreneur building bridges between communities. At Muse, she's creating space for women of color to excel in a field where representation matters. 

Meet the vet rewriting the script and honoring the past while cultivating the talents of the future. Her drive to open doors for others is what makes Dr. Randall a leader worth watching and supporting. We're proud to have her vision guiding the way at Muse Veterinary Group.

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